The Simplified 10-Step Korean Skincare Routine

Have you hear of the infamous 10-step Korean skincare routine? It's a popular skincare routine that's religiously followed by many. 


Simplified 10-step Korean skin care routine


"The 10-Step is more than a routine—it's a lifestyle that has become a global phenomenon, grounded in Korea's cultural obsession with healthy skin and backed by decades of scientific advancement. It's not about having more products than you can count, but rather about having the right products that do the right things, and using them in the right order." - Sokoglam

Here are a few more resources if you want to read more about it:

But do you really need all 10 steps? Not really! It really depends on your lifestyle and what your skin needs. Do you put on makeup everyday? If not, then you don't really need to use 2 cleansers.

Here's a simplified version of the 10-step Korean skincare routine with QuadHA that only adds 10 minutes to your daily routine - see the change in your skin in less than 2 weeks!


simplified 10-step korean skincare routine for everyday


  • Step 1: Cleanse! If you wear makeup, make sure to use a oil based cleanser to remove the makeup completely
  • Step 2: HA spray - this is an important step that preps your skin to absorb all the other products you're about to put on it!
  • Step 3 (Optional): Toner - this step helps to remove any remaining dirt that the cleanser left behind, it also helps to remove the dead skin cells on the surface
  • Step 4 (Optional): Mask - hydrating masks can be used daily, or as often as you like. Masks are great addition to incorporate into your skincare routine that's for sure going to make a difference! Pro tip: use 1/2 tube of green serum before masks, it helps to clear your pores and absorb the active ingredients better.
  • Step 5: Eye cream - add this to your routine if you have concerns with the skin around your eyes
  • Step 6 (Optional): Essence / other heavier serums - add this step if you're using products to address specific concerns (ex. anti-aging / brightening essence)
  • Step 7: Moisturizer - make sure you use enough to keep your skin hydrated!
  • Step 8: SPF - a step that I skip way more than I should...

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